The advice that scores.

Freakkick, it’s a unique approach of consulting,
designed for the sports business ecosystem. 

What does “Freakkick” mean?

It’s the combination of two terms
that perfectly encapsulate our consulting approach.

coup-franc (1)

Free kick :

1. a shot on goal from a fixed position.
2. a clear opportunity to score.

Freak :

1. an expert of his own art, a reference in his field. 
2. a person without any conceptions who defies conventions.

Consulting designed as a free kick.

An opportunity to take the lead


Before anything, it’s a chance to score and thus to stand out among the competition. It’s an opportunity to get closer to the goal, which requires the assessment of all the parameters: the ball, the distance from the goal, the positions of the wall, the goalkeeper, and the teammates, the strength of the wind, the condition of the pitch… That allows you to identify the different trajectories and combinations possible. Eventually, it’s about evaluating those varied options, before taking the right decision and soundly performing your move.

A chance to control the pace of the game


It’s a stoppage time that allows you to take over the control of the game. Often, it takes you a few steps back from the daily emergencies. Then, it’s the occasion to refocus on the strategic vision. It’s also a true breath in order to spot new growth opportunities. Sometimes, it’s not about slowing down but rather speeding up, so as not to miss an occasion. Because some opportunities require agility and reactivity.

Consultancy played by freaks.


Atteindre vos buts


Partnering up with Freakkick is to summon a team of experts, passionate about their topics and ready to challenge you, with no bias nor detour, and not scared to shake up the norm. Therefore, it’s the guarantee of an efficient and pragmatic advice, based on data analysis crossed with the experience of our consultants, to help you improve your performance routine and reach your goal.



Choosing Freakkick is to be ready to explore different trajectories and try out new combinations, to take a lasting lead. First of all thanks to our problem solving creative method  : F.R.E.A.K. Secondly, thanks to our pool of creative talents. And finally, thanks to our culture of innovation and genuine interest in new technologies. The best team to challenge conventions and surprise the competition.



Working with Freakkick is to offer yourself more flexibility. It’s as simple as adding one or several players to your team, when you need it the most. It’s an extra resource capable of fixing your problems and saving you precious time. Furthermore, it’s the comfort to count on reliable and demanding professionals, trustworthy experts who will aim at delivering beyond expectations.

Our vision of sports marketing.

Willing to share with us your challenges?