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Personal Branding


We reveal, structure and value what makes you unique among many athletes looking for partners and fans.

It consists in: 
. Discovering and embracing your identity and your differences
. Differentiating and positioning yourself strategically on the market of athletes
. Structuring your storytelling and defining your brand platform
. Delimiting your field of expression and strengthening your authenticity

It’s key for: 
. Building your brand equity
. Growing your notoriety
. Improving your reputation

Mobilized expertises:
branding strategy, storytelling, brand platform, brand territory, media training, competitive intelligence, competitive analysis, insights research…



We help you to make your story and voice heard, so as to grow your audience and engage your fans.

It consists in: 
. Revealing what makes you unique
. Structuring your online presence and widening your community
. Organizing your communication and contents to improve audience’s interactions
. Attract media interest to amplify your story

It’s key for: 
. Owning your communication
. Developing your notoriety
. Boosting fan engagement

Mobilized expertises:
communication strategy, cross-media + cross-channel communication plan, social media, digital, editorial, public relations, media and press, influence, content creation, event management…



We help you reach new sponsorship opportunities and manage the existing partnerships.

It consists in: 
. Professionalizing and simplifying your sponsors management routine
. Connecting you with brands and building new partnerships with strong added value
. Retaining your existing partners and improving their activations
. Protecting your sports and commercial interests

It’s key for: 
. Valuing your brand equity
. Enhancing your visibility
. Increasing your sponsorships revenues

Mobilized expertises:
sponsoring strategy, offer structuration, prospecting plan, creation of presentation supports, networking, commercialization, negotiation, activation, licensing, merchandising, reporting…

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